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Crash Log Reporter
Using the aLogcat.apk to get the runtime log, and sent it to me. Thanks!
After you get a crash, start the aLogcat program, and send the log by Menu->Send

Optimize Roms
Since Android 1.6, android uses DSA standard to handle the resouces,
for those not aligned resources, it has to fall back to explicitly reading them,
which is slower and consumes additional memory.

Download zipalign.exe
zipalign.exe -v 4
Rename "" to "" before putting it to sdcard.

[Failed download]
I'm not sure, maybe it's a bug of android platform/market.
Take a look at:

Supported Rom List: Arcade Wiki

Tips: Download roms through your phone:

"So far there are reports that specific types of files fail to download on the Android browser.
.zip - fails: The content being downloaded is not supported by the phone". All roms are .zip format!!

"An application has been added to the market that will allow you to download any file.
The app name is Download Crutch. Find it on the market if you need to download any non working file extension."


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